Hurricane Globes

Hurricane lamps are also often called hurricane globes. This variety is almost always a glass hurricane lamp, usually with a bulge in the middle to hold a light bulb or a candle.

There is quite a variation in what could be called a hurricane globe, and we’ll go through the most common few here, which should help whether you’re looking for hanging hurricane lanterns, stationary glass candle holders or even globe hurricane lamps, ie. with a glass shade.

Hurricane Globe Glass Candle Holders: These will normally be glass, which of course can vary from clear to frosted and even broken glass mosaic styles. There are some lovely etched glass hurricane globes, and all of these serve a variety of purposes. Glass globe hurricane candle holders can be lovely as wedding table centerpieces, or for any formal occasion, surrounded by greens or flowers if you like. They also look stunning placed in groupings, or as a pair at either end of a hall table or sofa table. You may also find them as wall sconces in fancy hotels, flanking artwork or mirrors. Hurricane candle globes are also popular as outdoor lighting for garden parties, etc., as they protect candles form the wind.

globe hurricane lanternHurricane Globe Lanterns: Lantern most often, but not always, denotes a hanging variety of hurricane lamp. Globe lanterns can be found in a variety of sizes, encased in wrought iron and similar materials, hanging above front doors and from stone archways, but also in strings in backyards as part of the summer d├ęcor. You’ll also find them on posts at the end of driveways and in threes as part of a stand of lights, almost like an outdoor, sturdy candelabra. These hurricane lanterns normally use electric light bulbs rather than candles for the ir light source, although there are, of course, exceptions. Two of our favorites both mimic candles, actually: one is a flameless candle hurricane lantern, meant to look like a flame and thus usually done with frosted glass to obscure the flickering light bulb, and the other uses natural gas or another fuel source to actually produce a flame, and looks absolutely stunning outdoors, such as on stone gateways or entranceways. You’ll also find camping lanterns and marine hurricane lanterns in this category.

Hurricane Lamp Shades: Normally these would be globe- or bell-shaped glass lamp shades, made specifically to go on hurricane style lamps (see tiffany hurricane lamp for example). Some beautiful glass lampshades exist, with hand painted designs and many different varieties, textures and colors of glass, making this a very versatile decorating piece.

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